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livbio makes You Feel Better and Live Happier!

Experience the Revolution in Fashion!


Its time to give some love back
to mother nature.

Linen Collection

Imagine loving nature by
just wearing lovely fashion.


Rejuvenate your body by
splashing colors of nature.

Go Raw. Go Natural.

Connect Yourself with Wholesome Experience of Purity.

In all our clothing we strongly
promote usage of wooden buttons

We provide our customers with
tags that can be used as coasters

We provide cloth bags which are
reusable as a substitute for polythene bags

We as an organic clothing company strongly invites participation of fashion designers and fashion brands for its movement of building better norms for the way the fashion industry operates. We strongly believe that only collective participation can help us change this. A small initiative taken by a fashion designer, by moving away from chemical clothing and using organic clothing can create a huge impact on the life of the farmer growing organic cotton.

We also wish to convey the same message to multiple industries who are consumers of chemical fashion. Usage of organic fashion would create a beautiful impact on your health and happiness and will help us create a more wonderful world for all of us. Connect with us here, help us build a better world or just share your thoughts on it. We would be more than happy to hear from you.