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Children, men and women linen clothing is made from the fibers derived from the Flax plants. The process to extract the fibers is laborious and involves longer time. However, the linen fiber is quite strong and absorbs water and moisture efficiently yet dries quickly than cotton. Garments made from linen remain fresh in hot and humid climatic conditions providing relief to the user.

The woven or knitted linen fiber is suitable for making various items of utility like mans’ and women’ clothing, apron, bag, towel, napkin, bed linen, chair cover, tablecloth, lightweight undergarments and detachable shirt collars and cuffs, etc. additionally, the inner layers of jacket are made of linen cloth. However, linen style weave fabrics are also made from cotton, hemp and other non-Flax fibers. Linen fabrics are one of the oldest textiles dating back to 800 BC.

Women’s linen clothing is extremely versatile and comfortable. They are available in various designs and patterns to suit the needs of women of all age groups. The outer and inner garments can be made from the linen fabrics.

In order to popularize the women’s linen clothing there are outlets to sale the products directly. In recent times as the markets for various consumer and capital utilities have shifted to online marketing platforms.

Livbio is a multifaceted organic clothing facility that vigorously promotes all types of organic and natural fabrics through its well organized network of dealers and distributors throughout India and abroad. It is also a major digital marketing company having social and ethical responsibilities to give a boost to natural fiber based organic products at affordable costs to the consumers.

Women’s linen clothing can be ordered in comfort of the home through the eCommerce platform of Livbio by visiting their website.

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