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Sustainable clothing or fashion is an established way of choosing organic and natural fabrics made from natural fibers derived from plants and animals. The sustainable clothing is environmental friendly and not harmful to the individual users’ health. These fabrics or garments are produced ethically by socially conscious farmers, producers and marketed as niche merchandise with a message to support the individuals involved in the production, processing, manufacturing and marketing cycle.

There are a number of highly acclaimed and popular and successful international sustainable clothing companies having premier brands like Amour Vert, Alternative Apparel, H&M, DL 1961, Eileen Fisher, Everlane, Patagonia, prAna, Reformation, Threads 4 Thought and Tribe alive, etc.

To send a social message, the sustainable clothing companies support the primary produces/collectors of the natural fibers by ensuring a exploitation free and socio-economically supportive cultivation process that do not employ child labour. The primary cultivators are paid wages to improve their living conditions. The entire transactions involving production, distribution and marketing are based on the philosophy of fair trade practice where everyone is considered as partner.

The sustainable clothing companies produce varieties of items using the organic and natural cloths virtually free from artificial and synthetic inputs to make them compatible with environment and beneficial to the health of people. Operating with a zero waste policy the sustainable cloth production process uses renewable resources.

In India Livbio is one of the leading and popular sustainable clothing companies that has wide ranges of fabrics meant to promote responsible and slow fashion that make the users feel comfortable, cool and part of a community of individuals believing in green living.

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