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Sustainable clothing is a new age concept having roots in the living principle of people of the distant past who were coexisting with the nature deriving sustenance from it. Through all round sustainable living it is possible to ensure continuous replacement of the resources obtained from nature for the utilities required by the people in the societies.

As the nomenclature suggests, sustainable clothing would similarly mean that the raw materials are possible to regenerate in sufficient quantities naturally and that the products and produces so used are completely durable, that do not cause any harm to the users and the environment. In plain terms the sustainable clothing is made out of agricultural produces or sourced from animals to make wearable as clothing. The natural components and ingredients so derived can be regenerated by means of organic agriculture or animal husbandry that do not jeopardize the source of appropriation. The yield of raw materials required for making the sustainable clothing can be increased or decreased without putting strain on the natural arrangement.

The sustainable clothing is compatible with the principle of healthy living and can benefit immensely humanity guaranteeing health and a clean and green environment for all.

On the face of the onslaught of artificial and synthetic clothing mass produced in mechanical facilities that are heavily dependent on toxic chemicals and artificially made unhealthy inputs, the facilitation of the use of organic sustainable clothing appears to be a prudent. In the present context, it is about time to adopt the concept of sustainable living by regenerating and harnessing the natural produces that can be utilized to make or produce not only the sustainable clothing but many other things of use helpful in regenerative living, along with Mother Nature.

Let us look for the established and reliable organic or sustainable clothing brands to make purchases and to make the all important differences to self and the society in general.

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