Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods to transfer the print to the intended target using a screen having hollow space to transfer the designs efficiently. Also known as serigraph, serigraphy printing and silkscreen printing, silk printing is a popular form of printing that produces crystal clear designs on to the canvases/mediums using simple techniques. The techniques of silk printing are almost similar to the stenciling process used by the children and others with ease.

Screen printing is a hugely popular commercial endeavor that effectively provides employment and decent remuneration to scores of workers involved in the process. It is very often used to make designer and professional items of value having good market value and artistic flavor.

Screen Printing

In its early avatar, the screens meant for the printing were made from silks but now a day, the formats have changed to synthetic polyester mess for better results and convenience. As a matter of fact, it is now possible to print different colors, layers after layers, without unclamping the press and removing the mess, on the surface using special techniques; though the regular way is to apply only one color at a time to make the print.

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