Recycle reuse Garments

The concept of recycle reuse garments is based on the notion that by doing so, it will be possible to lessen our dependence on the production process and also help us to save energy and other valuable resources that can be used in future. This also helps us to offset the wanton pollution of the environment by not disposing the used cloths. Mostly, the garments produced from synthetic yarn and chemical based dyes, when disposed haphazardly take hundreds of years to disintegrate and degenerate. During the decomposition process, these discarded synthetic garments release green house gases and toxic chemicals thereby endangering flora, fauna, soil, air and water, etc. This harm can be largely avoided if the synthetic garments can be reused or recycled properly and the raw materials recovered for further use.

Recycle reuse Garments

Reusing the old yet usable garments is an issue that has to be evaluated conscientiously. Most of the used garments are sent to the third world countries and the poor people use it for the reason of poverty. In this context is worth asking whether right to promote the use of old clothes only in societies where people have no alternative but to accept the old clothes of people of the developed countries. Moreover, by flooding the third world countries with discarded clothes for reuse, we are evidently hindering the local economy connected with the production of fabrics. Recycling the old and discarded garments is an attractive approach as the recovered raw materials can be reused in further production processes. However, collection of sufficient quantities of used clothes regularly is a difficult task as people may not feel motivated enough to contribute for several reasons.

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