Organic Women’s clothing

Organic clothing is eco-friendly and natural suitable for men, women and children. Predominantly, organic fibers used for making the yarn and fabrics come from indigenous farmers who cultivate the cotton crops without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The farmers sow locally available seeds and take all precautions to keep the crops free from any adverse effects by tending to it using traditional methods and techniques. Apart from cotton, flax and hemp plants are also utilized to harness organic fibers that are suitable for producing organic fabrics.

The organic women’s clothing is made from fibers of organic cotton and processed by artisans without using any chemical input. The yarns are made by means of traditional methods. Coloring of the organic yarn is done by the natural dyes only.

Organic Women's clothing

There is a growing demand for the organic women’s clothing and a number of local and international companies are manufacturing various types of fabrics. These companies make it sure that anyone involved in the process form cultivation to sale of the women’s clothing are paid adequately. During the production of organic women’s clothing it is ensured that no child labor is employed and that the entire process is non- exploitative.

Women’s organic clothing are better than the synthetic fabrics as it is good for the health and environment. These organic fabrics are softer and comfortable which makes it to be the preferred choice. Coming in various shades of natural colors, the dresses for women are designed beautifully using traditional and contemporaneous patterns.

Livbio is a socially committed fair trade practice business house devoted to produce and market quality women’s clothing. These superior products are marketed through a network of channel partners in India and abroad.

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