Organic GOTS Certified Suppliers

In order to provide assurance to the end consumers about the quality and ethicality of the organic fabrics, the Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS has outlined standards for various parameters related to the complete cycle of cultivation, harvesting and collection of fibers that are used to manufacture the organic fabrics. A GOTS certification is a proper way to deal with the supply of organic cloths. Increasingly more and more of the producers, manufacturers and suppliers of organic clothing are seeking the GOTS certification to increase sale of their products.

organic gots certified suppliers

GOTS recommends high level of environmental and social criteria to the processes of organic fabric manufacturing. This results in better compliance that benefits the producers and the consumers. For example only fabrics having a minimum of 70 % of organic fibers can be considered for certification. Similarly the dyestuffs and auxiliaries used to make the organic cloths must meet the stringent toxicological and environmental criteria recommended by GOTS. The choice of the accessories necessary for the garments is limited keeping in view the ecological aspects.

For the wet processing units GOTS recommends a functional waste water treatment facility as a necessity for evaluation for the citification.
GOTS is managed by an international working group consisting of representatives of Organic Trade Association, The Soil Association (UK), the Japan Organic Cotton association and the International Association Natural Textile Industry (Germany).

The organic GOTS certified suppliers in India and elsewhere are considered to be supplying authentic and standardized cotton fabrics that are produced following the ethical and social criteria. These products are reliable and there is a good demand for the GOTS certified fabrics supplied.

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