Organic Fair trade clothing

The fair trade clothing is a concept and a movement to safeguard the interests of the producers involved in the process. The cultivators, artisans and others connected directly with the production processes are given reasonable wages and other social benefits to make them live a life of dignity and fulfillment.

Organic fair trade practice clothing is obtained from sources where the processes are non-exploitative and child labor is not involved. These cloths are made from the raw material cultivated and processed by the locally organized marginal and small farmers and artisans. These organic clothing are prepared from sustainable raw materials and good for the environment and human health. When someone buys organic fair trade practice clothing, the socio-economically marginalized producers benefit. In the process the living conditions of the producers of the clothing can be improved. These cloths are available in the local markets in prices that are not inflated to earn more profit.

Livbio is a Ahmadabad (India) based socially responsible company that deals with ethical and fair trade practice clothing made from natural fibers. The products available here meet international standards for organic clothing. These fabrics are superior and meant to provide comfort to the users.

Clients desirous of retailing better organic clothing or to export to overseas markets can contact the business hub of Livbio for full information on the lines of products offered at attractive prices. The company is a well known and leading business house of India with designers mechanizes, well accepted by the customers all over India.

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