Organic Cotton yarn

Cotton yarn in particular and other natural fibers derived from other plant and animal sources have been used by human beings since the dawn of human societies to produce fabrics. Cotton has remained as the main source for making the yarn till today. Cotton crop is grown by farmers almost everywhere as there is a good demand for the whiter and softer tissues of cotton to make yarn to produce fabrics.

The organic cotton yarn made from cotton crop is softer and free from any harmful chemicals. The farmers cultivate the cotton crop without using any chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. Even at the time of processing the cotton and spinning of the yarn, no artificial and toxic chemicals are utilized. The organic cotton yarn, as required is colored or dyed with naturally derived coloring pigments from plants, animals and other earth elements.

Organic Cotton yarn

Organic cotton yarn is an ethical product produced by the local farmers. As a matter of fair trade practice these organic cotton farmers are paid decent and appropriate wages and cared in several ways. In organic cotton farms it is necessary to ensure children are never engaged in the labour processes to cultivate or produce the yarn.

As a standard practice the organic cotton yarn produced by the manufacturer is required to be certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It is believed that yarn made from organic cotton is environmental friendly and therefore, easily bio-degradable.

Livbio is multi-organic product company of India that works to promote the environment friendly and sustainable products sourced from the local small scale cultivators and producers. The organic cotton yarns marketed by it are superior in quality and produced following the precepts of organic farming and yarn manufacturing.

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