Organic cotton scarf, 100% organic scarf

The organic cotton scarf made by us is of superior quality to provide healthy experiential comfort. Conforming to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) protocol, these scarves are environmental friendly and compatible with human health, for being pure organic products. These beautiful and durable scarves are supple and light weight that provides protection from weather fluctuations, as well.

Based on fair trade practice, the use of organic cotton scarf is a symbol of our commitment to the organic farmers. In order to encourage continuous cultivate of organic cotton as their principal crop; the farmers need encouragement and protection by the government and the producers and suppliers of the merchandise.

Organic cotton scarf

As a socially responsible manufacturing and business concern, we ensure fair prices for their produces and eliminate the involvement of the middlemen to keep the process transparent.

Produced from 100 percent matured organic cotton of indigenous verities, the organic cottob scarf is in high demand in India and also in overseas markets. We manufacture the organic cotton scarf as per the traditional and contemporaneous designs and color combinations to make it an object of desire. The organic scarf is easy to wrap and gives a soft feeling to the users. It is also easy to wash and remain firm for longer time.

The organic cotton scarf is completely free from any harmful chemicals and protects the skin for being fully natural. Suitable for all age groups, our organic cotton scarf provides an aura of exclusivity, for being unique.

We produce wide ranges of organic cotton scarves that are cost effective yet superior in quality. Our scarves are single woven or stitched in the ultra modern sanitized looms and dust free workshops, where the processes are completely environmental friendly. At all stages of cultivation, collection, gradation, and processing the organic cotton is never exposed to harmful chemicals to ensure their purity.

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