Organic Cotton jersey fabric

The organic cotton jersey fabrics are knitted cloths that are widely used by the sports persons and others. These jerseys may also take the forms of a sweater or pullover that can be worn by all. Jersey is a comfortable cloth liked by all.

Jerseys made from organic cotton is sourced from the indigenous local farmers who cultivate the cotton crops without any harmful chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. They also sow non-GMO cotton seeds to harvest the best quality of cotton crops. Since the jerseys made from synthetic and blended yarns are not environmental friendly, the demand for pure organic cotton is high. These organic cotton jerseys are softer and last long. They do not cause allergic reactions for being fully natural. Organic cotton jerseys are easily bio-degradable and do not release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases during natural decomposition.

Organic Cotton jersey fabric

Organic cotton fibers made from natural fibers are processed and manufactured without chemical inputs. These jerseys are knitted in hand loom and power looms to make them softer and comfortable. The yarns for making the jerseys are colored by the natural dyes obtained from the plants, animals and minerals. Sweaters, pullovers and sports fabrics are knitted in special ways to allow the jersey fabrics to absorb sweating easily. The fabrics also facilitate air circulation to and from the body to keep it fresh.

Livbio is a company of distinction that trade in quality jerseys made from organic cotton cultivated by the local farmers. These jerseys are offered to the customers, individual or business following fair trade practices.

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