Organic Cotton Clothing India

Preference for organic cotton clothing in India is gradually picking up though; it has remained as a peripheral phenomenon, as of now. The choice of the Indian customers for these products is yet to accelerate significantly, producing visible shifts in trade volume.

The global trend of acceptance of organic cotton clothing by the merchandisers and customers is sluggish, mainly due to lack of awareness among the respective political leaderships, government planners and policy makers, primary cotton producers, clothing wholesalers & dealers and consumers of the, about the importance of the eco-friendly solutions of eco-clothing.

Organic Cotton Clothing India

The onslaught of multi-national clothing companies to aggressively push the sale of synthetic fabrics globally has impeded the growth of the local organic cotton product markets to a great extent. The cotton growers of countries across the globe are also at grave risks for being forced to buy genetically modified cotton seeds from the international vendors that are highly expensive to cultivate and harmful to the flora and fauna or the environment, in general.

The mass production of artificial and synthetic clothing materials has effectively destroyed the indigenous production lines in India and elsewhere, which were/are based on local organic cotton, natural dyes, and culture specific weaving methods or techniques; thereby impeding local demand for organic cotton clothing.

There is an urgent need to revive the local traditions of production of natural fabrics for clothing and also to encourage the mass production of organic cotton based clothing merchandises through the large factories sanitized to exclude the use of chemicals at production, packaging, distribution to cater to the needs of a large number of customers.

The good news is, many local companies dealing with Organic cotton clothing in India have come up in strength to provide the much needed fillip to substantially boost the cultivation of the local organic cotton, production of eco-friendly cotton wears and mass marketing of the merchandise.

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