Organic clothing suppliers in India

The demand for organic clothing in India is showing an upward trend, due to heightened consciousness about the benefit of organic clothing and the drawback of synthetic clothing. Due to increased exposure to mass media, educated Indians are largely favoring the organic cotton clothing for being safe and environmental friendly.

Organic clothing suppliers in India

Organic clothing in India however, is not a new concept as in the near distant past, most of the local ethnic groups and communities manufactured it using their age-old traditional knowledge. Mostly, they used the locally available and grown natural cotton and dyes to weave the cloths in wooden looms. These organic cloths wore traditional designs and patterns distinct to the groups and r

egions. After the Industrial Revolution, the local superior and distinct organic cloths faced stiff competition from the mass produced synthetic and artificial cloths of the large mechanical cloth mills of the western countries. The erstwhile local weaving ventures variously supported the farmers and collectors of natural fibers of plant and animal origins. A good number of artisans and traders also gained through the manufacturing and sale processes of the organic cotton products.

In Indian context, a classic example of the organic clothing is that of the Khaadi or Khadi, which was considered as a pillar of Indian economy by Mahatma Gandhi and continues to symbolize our tradition of resilience.

India is a major producer of quality organic cotton and has greater potential to augment the demand for the produce in global markets. The organic clothing supplies can step in a big way to market the superior products and increase their revenue flow and uptick.

The organic clothing suppliers are increasing their production to meet the demand of the customers by adding varieties and types of organic fabrics. In certain quarters of the consumers, the wearing of the organic cloths has been considered as acts social responsibility, support for Indian economy and protection of the environment.

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