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livbio is a cardinal online brand that helps you connect to the world promoting a range of organic clothing manufactured by herbal dyeing process. We deliver a range of men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, intimate wears and home furnishing products as well. livbio gives you an opportunity to seek a platform that leads you to development along with philanthropy. This is because the line of work deals with helping and nurturing all the people that are involved in the product manufacturing process including farmers, NGOs, Tailors, etc.

Organic Day by livbio

“A positive thought in the morning can change your entire day”. Similarly, a day with an initiative of collaborating with us for global sustainability will help us create awareness among people to understand the importance of living biologically. We have launched a special day called the “Organic Day by Livbio” in which we encourage people to wear an organic naturally dyed t shirt of our company. We all come together for a day to support the cause of protecting our Environment and moving towards sustainability.

Why should YOU be a part of this movement

The world today consumes fashion, but is completely unaware of how was it made, where was it made and the people who made it got fair trade wages? Through organic day we bring more transparency in the garment Industry and make sure that the entire chain is getting benefitted and are happy doing your garment. Here are some of the reasons to be a part of our movement.

    • Support Farmers and labourers making your fashion-Farmers and Supply chain are paid fair trade wages at Liv Bio and as part of our CSR we also contribute 5% of the total sales for educating and development of their families so that they continue the greener way of making our garments.
    • Protect your skin-Consuming naturally dyed garments benefits your health since these are dyed with rich medicinal herbs like turmeric, Pomegranate, madder etc which gives your skin a soft smooth touch and avoid rashes and allergies.
    • Help Reduce Pollution-Reduce the carbon emission levels which are poisoning the air we breathe. Majority of the fast fashion products in the market are heavily toxic and hence using organic & naturally dye garments will help protect the soil and water which are basic essential for our survival.
    • Consume less and save more – Organic clothing can stay with you for a longer period of time using a unique service offered by us:
      1. Re-dyeing your T-shirts that still fits you and makes it as new as you had just bought them. We charge a nominal amount for re-dyeing and packaging.
      2. We pick up used clothes which employees feel redundant owing to size issues/damages and give them an option to make a bag out of it or donate it to our Green partner NGO to convert it into a completely new product .
    • Your Clothes are your CSR initiative: By wearing Livbio products, you are starting an initiative for giving back to the society. It becomes a part of your own commitment and movement towards sustainability.