Natural Dyeing Khadi Garments

The natural dyeing khadi garments are made from organic cotton cultivated by the small farmers without using chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. The yarn is hand spun and processed naturally. Khadi fabrics are woven by traditional weavers in their traditional looms as small production ventures. The natural dyeing Khadi garments are environmental friendly and degrade easily without polluting the environment. Khadi fabrics are made from organic cotton, wool and silk separately or in combinations. These garments are porous and hence allow air to pass through. As a result the Khadi garments are healthy for the skin. Additionally, Khadi garments are all season fabrics and comfortable to wear even in extreme climatic conditions.

Use the natural dyeing Khadi garments provides employment and sustenance to the socio-economically disadvantaged groups of primary cultivators, weavers, retailers and others involved in the entire production cycle of Khadi., Closely connected with the freedom struggle of India, Khadi symbolizes national identity and simplicity. These Khadi garments are long lasting and hence promote slow fashion which means less use of sustainable resources for clothing.

Khadi fabrics are accepted as fashion by most of the leading fashion houses. Produced mainly in India and Bangladesh, Khadi fabrics are exported to the markets of developed countries. The Indian Government vigorously promotes the use of Khadi garments in domestic and overseas markets.

Livbio is a Ahmadabad based organic fabrics supply company that markets superior and designers Khadi garments. Established the aim of protecting the environment and the producers of organic products that are free from harmful effects, the company is a major source of various organic and sustainable garments including Khadi. Individuals and traders can contact the reputed suppliers of Khadi fabrics to know more about the product lines. Livbio is a green company with a social mission believing in fair trade practice.

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