Linen dresses online in India

Linen dresses are popular for being sturdy, absorbent and cool. The fiber of Flax plan is the main raw material of the linen line of fabrics. The linen fabrics are also made blending organic cotton and other natural fibers to make the cloths different from the pure linen ones. Linen fabric production is limited as the production of fibers from the Flax plants is a labor intensive.

Some of the popular linen fabrics are yarn dyed linen, linen strips and prints, heavy weight linen, linen chambray and linen-cotton blends, etc. These fabrics are made to perfection using natural dyes obtained from plants, animals and minerals. Organic linen cloths are suitable for both hot and cold seasons.

Linen dresses online

In India, there is a good demand for the organic linen clothes and accessories. There are a number of reputed manufacturing and supply companies who deal with the production and marketing of the linen clothes, like Livbio.

Livbio is a socially committed company that supplies quality linen fabrics with the aim of promoting sustainable and green living. Operating as a fair trade practice outfit, the company is a major hub for trade in linen clothing. Designed beautifully, the classy and comfortable linen cloths are marketed by Livbio through a network of channel partners spread across India. the company also exports linen fabrics to various overseas countries.

The company has a dedicated ecommerce platform where consumers and clients can select and place orders for linen dresses online in total privacy and comfort. All the available linen dresses online are delivered as per the standard instructions. Customers can pay for the linen fabrics as outlined in the online store of Livbio.

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