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Khadi Fabrics at Best Prices in India

The Khadi fabrics are made from cotton yarn, silk yarn, wool yarn or in combination by spinning the thread. The Khadi cloth and garments are green and environmental friendly. The fabric is woven in wooden looms by twisting the yarns in such a manner that the fabric retains pores, conducive for air passage. For the people of India, Khadi means a lot as it is closely associated with the freedom movement of the country.

The khadi wearable is a fashion statement for the socially conscious individuals while others find it to be good for health being made from natural fibers and colors. Khadi garments do not irritate the skin and as such do not cause allergic reactions. It is durable and easy to maintain. People of all age groups and socio-economic categories use the khadi fabrics and garments in cities and countryside.

As per estimates, about 4, 60000 people were employed in the Khadi making industries in India in the year 2017. In comparison to the figures for the previous year, the production and sales of Khadi increased by 31.6 and 33 percent; proving its popularity.

During summer Khadi keeps the body cool and in winter it provides warmth. As a result Khadi is a natural organic fabric that can be used round the year for comfort and convenience.
The fashion conscious and socially committed individuals use Khadi fabrics and garments. By using Khadi garments one can supports the livelihood of scores of economically disadvantage people and their family members.

Livbio is a company that actively promotes sustainable clothing. We encourage the artisans and weaver of Khadi fabrics by marketing their products In India and abroad. We also ensure fair wages and fair prices for the primary producers of the Khadi fabrics and garments.

Clients interested in Khadi fabric and cloth retail pr wholesale business can contact us to know more about our Khadi product ranges.