Herbal Dyeing Garments

The herbal dyeing cloths and herbal dyeing garments are colored from the extracted natural juices of various parts of commonly available indigenous plants having distinct hues. The root, stem, wood, leaf, seed and tuber, etcetera are collected, washed, sanitized, dried and processed with natural compounds in different proportions to harness the fluid having colors. These herbal dyes are harmless and have medicinal properties and hence beneficial for maintenance of health. The plant based ingredients were known to the healers of ancient India. The Ayurveda mentions many of these plants and their derivatives having specific medicinal applications for different diseases.

Whether in India or other countries of the world, people of distant past had adequate knowledge about the locally available plants and used them for food, shelter, construction, medicine and coloring of natural fabrics. Even in the 21 century one can find the intricately woven and colored fabrics and wearable made and used by indigenous ethnic groups or cultural groups across societal groups.

Most of the plant based colors produced are in various shades representing a wide spectrum. The natural colors red, blue, green, yellow, black, white or a combination of such colors are applied to organic cotton based fabrics or treads to make the wearable.

The herbal dyeing cloths and herbal dyeing fabrics are soft, supple and comfortable to use that do not produce any adverse effects on health. These organic herbal dyeing fabrics and clothing are said to even act as preventive for some of the diseases.

Currently, there is a good demand for herbal and organic cloths in India and other countries of the world. A number of production, distribution and marketing concerns have come up with naturally dyeing fabrics and garments to suit the needs of health conscious customers.

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