Hand Dyed Fabrics and Garments

As per the archaeological find in Georgia, a piece of pigmented and fragmented handmade cloth found in a cave has been carbon dated to have existed around 3400 BC. Since the emergence of human societies, the early human beings created handmade and hand dyed cloths for use for various purposes. These handmade and hand dyed cloths are components of the cultural complex of the respective societal groups or communities, spread across the globe.

Hand Dyed Fabrics and Garments

The tradition of making hand dyed fabrics and hand dyed garments has remained continuous over the long journey of human civilizations to various extents. As of today, we still make hand dyed fabrics, following the time tested methods and techniques of our ancestors, though we have introduced some modern ways of making these object of art.

Some of the major types of techniques used to make superb and enchanting hand dyed fabrics and hand dyed garments having extraordinary appeal are Batik, Ikat, Shibori, Mud cloth and Tie dye. However, in recent times fabric artisans/artists have been extensively experimenting to apply modern techniques to improve upon or introduce new technique of hand dyeing on cloths.

The handmade fabrics and handmade garments are made using organic cotton and natural dyes to generate exceptional colors and patterns. This results in distinctively unique designs that are pleasing and durable.

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