Green Business ideas & Opportunities

The environment is under severe strain due to indiscriminate use of non-recyclable product derivatives, depletion of the natural resources, environmental pollution and use of harmful chemical based utilities and machineries heavily dependent on fossil fuel energy, etcetera.

Green Business ideas & Opportunities

In order to reverse the trend of production, consumption and disposal of goods and utilities, inimical to our health and the environment, in recent times, entrepreneurs, policy makers and members of the civil society are actively promoting greener business ideas based on sustainable models. The greener business ideas are closely connected to the production, distribution, consumption and disposal methods and techniques capable of regenerating the environment to a significant extent.

The green business ideas based on successful business models and compatible with green lifestyles when translated to action could substantially reduce the adverse effects and help the environment regenerate in the long term. It is also prudent to promote sustainable agricultural activities vigorously and to reduce our dependence on the existing patches of forests for economic gains.

In the Indian context there is a need to encourage the small and medium scale producers, cultivators and business entrepreneurs to adopt the green methods, techniques and ways of cultivation, production, retailing and services, As a matter of fact, the consumers are variously conscious of the importance of a green lifestyle based goods and services and it is time to provide them with affordable green products or produces so that everyone in the production-consumption chain, benefit much.

Some of the green business ideas gaining acceptance in India are opening of organic food product stores, green waste management services, organic or recycled fashion, handmade establishment of handmade organic product outlets, etc.

Other new business ideas such as environmental publication, green finance endeavor, Eco-friendly retail, production of sustainable construction materials, organic catering, Eco-friendly beauty salon, Eco-friendly landscaping, sustainable event planning and management, Eco-consulting and other such business activities can be successfully taken up by individuals to promote green living.

Socially committed green entrepreneurs desirous of setting up green startup as a business venture or to expand their existing line of products and services can contact us for details about various proven opportunities.

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