Fashion Clothing for future

The fashion clothing for future is, most probably, be highly individual oriented and may not be identical, as predicated in science fictions. As the technology at our disposal allows us to manufacture or print fashion clothing as per our body and mood parameters through the application of 5D printing technology, it is quite possible that the fabrics of the future may not be kept on the shop but can be manufactured on demand.

If we look at the present trend of fashion clothing, we find that there are rapid progresses in manufacturing newer synthetic fabrics capable of providing more comforts and maneuverability. On the other hand the other fashion trend has more to do with revivalism as the proponents and practitioners of this lay much emphasis on the benefits of the fabrics and designs of the distant past. In this case the past is making a comeback. This group of fashion fabric users argue that people need to steer away from the machine produced artificial and synthetic cloths as it is not environment friendly and unhealthy. Here it is proposed that our fashion must be based on natural principles and sustainable.

The fashion clothing for future most likely would incorporate various sensors that would provide the required information for living. For example, the cloth may provide information and adjust itself to provide comfort to the users or help to live healthy.

The group of people advocating and promoting green and sustainable fashion clothing would most likely not vanish into the thin air but would remain as a crowd proclaiming social and environmental messages. In this case, since there is a considerable limitation of mass production of the environmental and sustainable fabrics, it would remain as a minority ideal group vis-à-vis the fashion clothing shaped by the advanced scientific knowledge.

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