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There are concepts such as sustainable fashion, slow fashion and ethical fashion that partially overlap with each other. While sustainable fashion denotes the environmental friendliness of the fabrics and garments, slow fashion emphasizes the durability of the cloth as wearable that helps one to stay away from fluctuating fashion trends, ethical fashion takes into account the human right aspects of cultivation, collection, manufacturing, distribution and retail of the fabrics and garments. However, in all the above concepts, to some or greater extent, exploitation of the individuals involved in the process of making the final products, organic quality and regeneration of the raw materials, use of child labor, ecological issues, fair trade and fair price aspects are somehow intertwined.

Ethical fashion fabrics or garments are made without restricting or violating any human rights of the individuals involved in the cycles of production to delivery of the final products to the consumers. Proponents of ethical fashion believe that apart from promoting human rights, ethical wearable should be eco-friendly and sustainable.

In the developed and developing countries various section of the population do very strongly feel to slowdown or eliminate the perceptive restriction or denial of human rights, provision of fair wage or fair trade practices, unsustainable or indiscriminate use of irreplaceable resources and raw materials to produce wearable.

The ethical garments suppliers and retailers are committed group of partners of the ethical fashion wearable such as the raw material producers and manufactures who work in tandem to give a fillip to the ideal concept of ethical fashion.

Ethical fashion is a matter of conscious choice for the individuals who feel strongly about an ideal fabric and garment production process where there is no depravity, as above, in the making of the sustainable and eco-friendly organic wearable.

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