Environmentally Friendly Clothing

The markets worldwide have been flooded with synthetic and artificial fabrics and garments, produced in huge mechanical looms for the last several decades. These chemical based cloths and garments are believed to be harmful to the individuals and the environment in several ways.

In this context, groups of socially committed manufactures who are conscious of the benefit of natural or organic way of life are actively promoting natural or organic fabrics and cloths. Being viable alternatives to the artificial and synthetic apparels, the environmentally friendly clothing is gaining ground amongst the consumers worldwide.

Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Cloths made out of organically cultivated plants and derivatives like organic cotton are being produced and supplied to meet the demands for these eco-friendly wearable. The raw materials for producing environmentally friendly clothing are cultivated by organized groups of farmers in their fields encouraged and patronized by the manufactures to protect them from the exploitation of the middlemen. Gradually emerging as a mass movement, more and more farmers of organic cotton of high quality are opting for integrated organic farming methods to keep their crops fully sanitized. Earning a steady and assured income by marketing their organic cotton crops to the organic cloth manufacturers, the local cotton farmers are more than motivated to increase the yield of organic cotton by the use of natural and organic manure and pesticide.

Environmentally friendly clothing has a bright future as more of the consumers start to demand cloths and garments that are capable of safeguarding their health and the environment.

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