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Designer Clothing

The designer clothing is a fashionable, luxurious and exclusive line of clothing conceived and perfected by a designer that may carry his/her name of a brand name in order to remain distinctive. In 1960, the designer clothing concept came into being and from 1970 the concept and practice has become quite popular as more and more designers of clothing joined the bandwagon and brands created to carve a niche in the garment market. However, in recent times designer clothing also means exclusively made cloths targeting special categories of customers, different from the regular lines of clothing such as organic and natural dyed clothing.

Livbio is a Ahmadabad based Indian company that promotes environmental friendly lifestyle products and living. It is actively engaged in assisting the primary produces or farmers to make and cultivate organic cotton and natural dyes free from the harmful chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. Believing in the ideals of conscious living, eco-friendly lifestyle, preservation of nature, sustainable living, exploitation free production process and adequate remuneration for the farmers and produces, the company has been engaged in creating demand for handmade, small scale natural and organic products.

The designer clothing supplied by Livbio are made from organic cotton and woven to perfection to last long. These clothing are good for health and easy to maintain. Customers using the designer clothing help the small cultivators and producers to earn and support their families.

As a business venture with social responsibility, Livbio market its designer clothing with a network of dealers and distributors so that the superior clothing items can reach the customers.