Clean Clothing Campaign

The clean clothing or clean cloths campaign is a concept and movement that ensures the human rights of the workers involved in the production process of the global garment and sportswear industries. The concept clean clothing is intertwined with related issues like fair wage, working condition and human rights of the workers. The matter is further stretched to the living conditions of the workers in the communities. In sum the total rights of the workers of the global garment and sportswear industries are safeguarded when found to be threatened due to the policies of the local government or the global production and supply chains. By taking affirmative action, the conditions of the workers are constantly improved to make them individuals with rights.

The welfare of women and children of the families of the workers are also covered under the concept of clean clothing and the multinational manufactures are pressurized or lobbied to extend all the benefits available under the law or the existing circumstances.

The global giants who have set up manufacturing industries in the underdeveloped and developing countries like Bangladesh or India must follow all the local labour and welfare laws and help the workers in a responsible manner. Garment and sportswear workers without any exploitation have been enjoying the protection of socially conscious groups of non-governmental organizations, who organize and educate them to be aware of their national and international rights.

Therefore, when the consumers purchase any garments manufactured by the global garment and sportswear companies manufactured by the workers of the offshore countries, it should be clear to them that they are accepting the clean clothing only.

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