Chemical free clothing

We constantly use or exposed to the fabrics for wearing as clothes, car seats, upholstery on furniture, etc. However, it is possible that in our daily life chores and living we are exposed to the fabrics containing harmful and toxic chemicals, used to manufacture them as mass products in industries. Certainly there is a truth behind this concern and it is essential that we keep away from these unhealthy fabrics by opting for chemical free fabrics, as far as possible.

The chemical free fabrics or chemical free clothing are known to be environment friendly which means that they are bio-degradable and benefits by not being the source of pollution or toxicity to humans, animals and the environment in general. Gradually, as the scientific knowledge grows about the perils of fabrics made by using known harmful and toxic chemicals, consumers of fabrics are becoming aware of the advantages of chemical free fabrics and chemical free clothing.

chemical free clothing

Throughout the world socially conscious individuals, non-government organizations, ethically and socially motivated fabric manufacturers are adopting chemical free processes to manufacture chemical free fabrics as demand for such products are growing.

In the recent and distant past, fabrics were predominantly manufactured using natural fibers like linen, wool, hemp, silk, cashmere or cotton produced and procured locally. The production cycles of fabrics from the natural fibers were additionally free from harmful and toxic chemicals. Even tough, the chemical free organic and natural fabrics are available in the market; it has been swamped over by the synthetic clothes. Some fabrics though made from the natural fibers are blended with synthetic fibers and hence, pose significant problem to health and environment.

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