Recycle reuse Garments

The concept of recycle reuse garments is based on the notion that by doing so, it will be possible to lessen our dependence on the production process and also help us to save energy and other valuable resources that can be used in future. This also helps us to offset the wanton pollution of the [...]

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Natural Dyeing Khadi Garments

The natural dyeing khadi garments are made from organic cotton cultivated by the small farmers without using chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. The yarn is hand spun and processed naturally. Khadi fabrics are woven by traditional weavers in their traditional looms as small production ventures. The natural dyeing Khadi garments are environmental friendly and degrade [...]

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Sustainable Clothing companies

Sustainable clothing or fashion is an established way of choosing organic and natural fabrics made from natural fibers derived from plants and animals. The sustainable clothing is environmental friendly and not harmful to the individual users’ health. These fabrics or garments are produced ethically by socially conscious farmers, producers and marketed as niche merchandise with [...]

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Organic Cotton yarn

Cotton yarn in particular and other natural fibers derived from other plant and animal sources have been used by human beings since the dawn of human societies to produce fabrics. Cotton has remained as the main source for making the yarn till today. Cotton crop is grown by farmers almost everywhere as there is a [...]

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Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods to transfer the print to the intended target using a screen having hollow space to transfer the designs efficiently. Also known as serigraph, serigraphy printing and silkscreen printing, silk printing is a popular form of printing that produces crystal clear designs on to the canvases/mediums using simple [...]

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Block Printing in India

The block printing techniques originated in India and block printed fabric and garments made from the block printed cloths are in high demand. Block printed cloths and garments are also exported to the overseas markets. There are various centers for block printing of fabrics in India but the major activities are concentrated in Gujarat, Rajasthan, [...]

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Green Business ideas & Opportunities

The environment is under severe strain due to indiscriminate use of non-recyclable product derivatives, depletion of the natural resources, environmental pollution and use of harmful chemical based utilities and machineries heavily dependent on fossil fuel energy, etcetera. In order to reverse the trend of production, consumption and disposal of goods and utilities, inimical to our [...]

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