Organic Cotton fabrics wholesale

The ethical and natural organic cotton fabrics are manufactured and marketed by a number of reputed manufactured in India to cater to the business needs of the business concerns trading in quality and environmental friendly organic cotton fabrics. There is a good demand for the fabrics for being soft and comfortable. These organic cotton fabrics [...]

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Organic Cotton jersey fabric

The organic cotton jersey fabrics are knitted cloths that are widely used by the sports persons and others. These jerseys may also take the forms of a sweater or pullover that can be worn by all. Jersey is a comfortable cloth liked by all. Jerseys made from organic cotton is sourced from the indigenous local [...]

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Plant based fabrics

In the age of synthetic fabrics, it has been argued that returning to plant based fabrics would be a huge gain in terms of protection of the environment and improvement in human health. Use of plant based fabrics is based on the premise that the resources are renewable. Even though plant based fabrics are advantageous [...]

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Natural fabrics yarn dyeing

All types of yarn are not suitable for natural dyeing. In particular, the synthetic and synthetic blended natural fibers are to be avoided while choosing the base. This is so because the synthetic yarns may not fully absorb the natural colors like the fibers derived from natural fibers. This also goes against the very purpose [...]

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Natural and Vegetable Dyeing Fabrics

The ancient method to color fabrics and cloths was based on dyes obtained from plants, invertebrates and minerals obtained mostly locally. The practice of natural dyeing was effectively lost or became irrelevant due to the advent of modern mechanized factories designed to mass produce fabrics and cloths using synthetic dyes after the Industrial revolution. However, [...]

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Natural Indigo Dyeing, Natural Indigo Garments, Natural Indigo Fabrics

The natural indigo garments are made from the organic dye indigo, extracted from the indigo plant. It is a species belonging to the bean family. Popularly known as ‘true indigo’, the plant termed as indigofera tinctoria in botany literature. Historically, the indigo powder was first introduced in India and later found its way to Europe. [...]

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Herbal Dyeing Fabrics

Demand for the herbal dyeing clothing and herbal dyeing products are high and the producers, manufacturers, distributors and sellers can reap rich dividend by dealing with the merchandise. The herbal and organic products and produces are compatible with environment and health and therefore, being increasingly preferred over the chemical based items that are proven to [...]

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Organic cotton Fabric Suppliers in India

The organic cotton fabrics are unique in the sense that these are completely free from any harmful chemicals that are known to be harmful to human health. The eco-friendly organic cotton is cultivated by groups of social responsible and committed farmers in India in insulated/isolated fields by using indigenous heirloom cotton seeds. These organic cotton [...]

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