Linen dresses online in India

Linen dresses are popular for being sturdy, absorbent and cool. The fiber of Flax plan is the main raw material of the linen line of fabrics. The linen fabrics are also made blending organic cotton and other natural fibers to make the cloths different from the pure linen ones. Linen fabric production is limited as [...]

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Organic Fair trade clothing

The fair trade clothing is a concept and a movement to safeguard the interests of the producers involved in the process. The cultivators, artisans and others connected directly with the production processes are given reasonable wages and other social benefits to make them live a life of dignity and fulfillment. Organic fair trade practice clothing [...]

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Organic Women’s clothing

Organic clothing is eco-friendly and natural suitable for men, women and children. Predominantly, organic fibers used for making the yarn and fabrics come from indigenous farmers who cultivate the cotton crops without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The farmers sow locally available seeds and take all precautions to keep the crops free from any adverse effects [...]

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Plant based dyes on clothing

To make dyes sources such as food, flowers, weeds, bark, moss, leaves, seeds, mushrooms, lichens and minerals are used. Various plant sources, marigold, dandelion, yarrow, sunflower (yellow); carrot roots, onion skins, butternut seed husks (orange); hollyhock petals, walnut husks, fennel (brown); camellia, rose, lavender (pink); and purple color is made from blueberries, grapes, hibiscus, etc. [...]

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White Linen Shirts online India

White linen shirts for men are just suitable for the gentlemen. The white linen shirts have remained the favorite choice for men for being the fashion statement over the generations. Linen shirts for men are made from the fibers of extracted from the Flax plant. In some cases the fibers of cotton are blended with [...]

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Women’s Linen clothing Online

Children, men and women linen clothing is made from the fibers derived from the Flax plants. The process to extract the fibers is laborious and involves longer time. However, the linen fiber is quite strong and absorbs water and moisture efficiently yet dries quickly than cotton. Garments made from linen remain fresh in hot and [...]

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Chemical free clothing

We constantly use or exposed to the fabrics for wearing as clothes, car seats, upholstery on furniture, etc. However, it is possible that in our daily life chores and living we are exposed to the fabrics containing harmful and toxic chemicals, used to manufacture them as mass products in industries. Certainly there is a truth [...]

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Organic Cotton Newborn clothes

Clothing requirements for the newborn babies requires our special attention. It is always best to dress, cover and clean the newborn babies with organic cotton fabrics for being natural. It is highly desirable that the organic cotton newborn clothes are made by reputed manufacturers having years of presence in the market and known for their [...]

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Organic Cotton manufacturers

Organic Cotton manufacturers India is a major country that produces pure organic cotton, organic cotton yarn and garments made from organic cotton yarn. There is a significant increase in the demand for organic cotton wearable and utility products that are free from the harmful chemicals typically found in non-organic cotton and synthetic fabrics mass produced [...]

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Clean Clothing Campaign

The clean clothing or clean cloths campaign is a concept and movement that ensures the human rights of the workers involved in the production process of the global garment and sportswear industries. The concept clean clothing is intertwined with related issues like fair wage, working condition and human rights of the workers. The matter is [...]

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