Block Printing in India

The block printing techniques originated in India and block printed fabric and garments made from the block printed cloths are in high demand. Block printed cloths and garments are also exported to the overseas markets.

There are various centers for block printing of fabrics in India but the major activities are concentrated in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

For block printing, wooden blocks are usually constructed from teak wood, having intricate designs itched on to the surface. However, the blocks meant for printing the fabrics can be of metals and linoleum depending on the requirements of print. For printing the blocks are hand pressed on to the intended fabrics using different techniques. These techniques are called direct printing, resist printing and discharge printing, etc.

Block Printing

The block printing of fabrics mainly on cotton and silk cloths are done manually and finally sundried to finish the process. The various designs carved by artisans on the blocks depict geometric patterns, birds, animals, dancing girls, human figures, gods & goddesses, horses, camel, peacock and lion, etc. though not necessary limited to this.

The block printed fabrics and garments made from it are appealing and consumers prefer it for being eco-friendly. Made by artisans with dedication and passion, the block printed fabrics and cloths are a favorite of the socially conscious and artistically inclined consumers.

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