Ayurveda Fabrics, Garments & Clothing

Ayurveda is a seminal treatise of India that provides details about the medicinal and other beneficial qualities of various plants, herbs and natural elements occurring naturally, simultaneously providing methods and techniques to process them to make proprietary medicines to treat different diseases and to also rejuvenate body and mind. Since the ancient times, these Ayurvedic medicines have been used by people to treat various ailments and to regain health naturally without any side effects.

Ayurveda Fabrics, Garments & Clothing

Ayurveda has well established applications in different areas of treatment, rejuvenation and prevention, including surgery. This method of healing considers the individual as a holistic entity having Gunas such as Kapha, Bata and Pita. Any imbalance in these Gunas may accelerate the onset of diseases or perpetuate them that can be rebalanced by means of the use of appropriate Ayurvedic medicines in the prescribed doses and frequencies as recommended by the qualified Ayurvedic doctor.

In order to treat and prevent some ailments or to maintain optimum health, the Ayurvedic garments are prescribed, treated with herb and plant based compounds. The extracts of herbs and plants in different proportions are applied to make the organic Ayurvedic fabrics to receive the healing qualities as imprint. Processed in strict Ayurvedic tradition using the prescribed methods and techniques, these medicinal fabrics are used to make the Ayurveda clothing.

The Ayurvedic garments made out of the natural extracts can be used by the healthy individuals to prevent different diseases or for rejuvenation of health. In some cases, the Ayurveduc physician may prescribe Ayurvedic garments to the patients to wear or use as utilities (for example, as bed sheet), along with ingestion or application of medicines, if required.

Various parts of herbs or plants known to have medicinal properties such as aloe vera, neem, rose, lavender, tulsi, wild sage and lavender, etcetera are used to make the healing fabrics and the garments.

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