Linen dresses online in India

Linen dresses are popular for being sturdy, absorbent and cool. The fiber of Flax plan is the main raw material of the linen line of fabrics. The linen fabrics are also made blending organic cotton and other natural fibers to make the cloths different from the pure linen ones. Linen fabric production is limited as [...]

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Organic Certified Garment suppliers

Textile processors and manufacturers are provided with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification to offer quality organic fabrics for sale in the markets. The aim of the certification is to ensure genuine organic textile products that meet predefined social and environmental criteria. The consumers can be sure of the products buying from various vendors, [...]

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Organic Fair trade clothing

The fair trade clothing is a concept and a movement to safeguard the interests of the producers involved in the process. The cultivators, artisans and others connected directly with the production processes are given reasonable wages and other social benefits to make them live a life of dignity and fulfillment. Organic fair trade practice clothing [...]

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Organic Cotton fabrics wholesale

The ethical and natural organic cotton fabrics are manufactured and marketed by a number of reputed manufactured in India to cater to the business needs of the business concerns trading in quality and environmental friendly organic cotton fabrics. There is a good demand for the fabrics for being soft and comfortable. These organic cotton fabrics [...]

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Organic Cotton jersey fabric

The organic cotton jersey fabrics are knitted cloths that are widely used by the sports persons and others. These jerseys may also take the forms of a sweater or pullover that can be worn by all. Jersey is a comfortable cloth liked by all. Jerseys made from organic cotton is sourced from the indigenous local [...]

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Organic Women’s clothing

Organic clothing is eco-friendly and natural suitable for men, women and children. Predominantly, organic fibers used for making the yarn and fabrics come from indigenous farmers who cultivate the cotton crops without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The farmers sow locally available seeds and take all precautions to keep the crops free from any adverse effects [...]

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Plant based fabrics

In the age of synthetic fabrics, it has been argued that returning to plant based fabrics would be a huge gain in terms of protection of the environment and improvement in human health. Use of plant based fabrics is based on the premise that the resources are renewable. Even though plant based fabrics are advantageous [...]

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Recycle reuse Garments

The concept of recycle reuse garments is based on the notion that by doing so, it will be possible to lessen our dependence on the production process and also help us to save energy and other valuable resources that can be used in future. This also helps us to offset the wanton pollution of the [...]

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Natural fabrics yarn dyeing

All types of yarn are not suitable for natural dyeing. In particular, the synthetic and synthetic blended natural fibers are to be avoided while choosing the base. This is so because the synthetic yarns may not fully absorb the natural colors like the fibers derived from natural fibers. This also goes against the very purpose [...]

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Fashion Clothing for future

The fashion clothing for future is, most probably, be highly individual oriented and may not be identical, as predicated in science fictions. As the technology at our disposal allows us to manufacture or print fashion clothing as per our body and mood parameters through the application of 5D printing technology, it is quite possible that [...]

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