Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods to transfer the print to the intended target using a screen having hollow space to transfer the designs efficiently. Also known as serigraph, serigraphy printing and silkscreen printing, silk printing is a popular form of printing that produces crystal clear designs on to the canvases/mediums using simple [...]

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Block Printing in India

The block printing techniques originated in India and block printed fabric and garments made from the block printed cloths are in high demand. Block printed cloths and garments are also exported to the overseas markets. There are various centers for block printing of fabrics in India but the major activities are concentrated in Gujarat, Rajasthan, [...]

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Clean Clothing Campaign

The clean clothing or clean cloths campaign is a concept and movement that ensures the human rights of the workers involved in the production process of the global garment and sportswear industries. The concept clean clothing is intertwined with related issues like fair wage, working condition and human rights of the workers. The matter is [...]

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Green Business ideas & Opportunities

The environment is under severe strain due to indiscriminate use of non-recyclable product derivatives, depletion of the natural resources, environmental pollution and use of harmful chemical based utilities and machineries heavily dependent on fossil fuel energy, etcetera. In order to reverse the trend of production, consumption and disposal of goods and utilities, inimical to our [...]

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Hand Dyed Fabrics and Garments

As per the archaeological find in Georgia, a piece of pigmented and fragmented handmade cloth found in a cave has been carbon dated to have existed around 3400 BC. Since the emergence of human societies, the early human beings created handmade and hand dyed cloths for use for various purposes. These handmade and hand dyed [...]

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Natural and Vegetable Dyeing Fabrics

The ancient method to color fabrics and cloths was based on dyes obtained from plants, invertebrates and minerals obtained mostly locally. The practice of natural dyeing was effectively lost or became irrelevant due to the advent of modern mechanized factories designed to mass produce fabrics and cloths using synthetic dyes after the Industrial revolution. However, [...]

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Ethical Garment Suppliers, Ethical Fashion

There are concepts such as sustainable fashion, slow fashion and ethical fashion that partially overlap with each other. While sustainable fashion denotes the environmental friendliness of the fabrics and garments, slow fashion emphasizes the durability of the cloth as wearable that helps one to stay away from fluctuating fashion trends, ethical fashion takes into account [...]

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Ayurveda Fabrics, Garments & Clothing

Ayurveda is a seminal treatise of India that provides details about the medicinal and other beneficial qualities of various plants, herbs and natural elements occurring naturally, simultaneously providing methods and techniques to process them to make proprietary medicines to treat different diseases and to also rejuvenate body and mind. Since the ancient times, these Ayurvedic [...]

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Environmentally Friendly Clothing

The markets worldwide have been flooded with synthetic and artificial fabrics and garments, produced in huge mechanical looms for the last several decades. These chemical based cloths and garments are believed to be harmful to the individuals and the environment in several ways. In this context, groups of socially committed manufactures who are conscious of [...]

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Natural Indigo Dyeing, Natural Indigo Garments, Natural Indigo Fabrics

The natural indigo garments are made from the organic dye indigo, extracted from the indigo plant. It is a species belonging to the bean family. Popularly known as ‘true indigo’, the plant termed as indigofera tinctoria in botany literature. Historically, the indigo powder was first introduced in India and later found its way to Europe. [...]

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